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Kevin Nash


**Kevin Nash is seen in front of a camera he is lacing up his boots as his looks up to the camera and begins to speak...)

Kevin-October 31, 2008 Halloween Night Friday Night Smackdown. Edge you claim that I came here to WWE because I wanted to make more money. You claimed that I wanted to kiss Vince McMahon's @$$ you say that TNA has no talent.

Edge that is like the only thing me and you can agree on that TNA has no talent. TNA had talent then when their biggest talent Big Sexy Kevin Nash left that is when they lost all the talent that they had. Edge you claim that all the people I beat in the pasts weeks were easy opponents you say that they weren't a real challenge and that tonight you will be a real challenge to me. You say that after our match you will still be a double champion. Edge you may still be US Champ like I said before but Edge there is no way you will be TV Champ after tonight.

Edge I have trained with the best I have seen the best I have beaten the best. People said that Ultimate Warrior was a good competitor and that he was a good person and a great wrestler. Edge I Jacknifed Ultimate Warrior and got the 1,2,3 for my team. edge tonight I will Jacknife you for the 1,2,3 and get that TV Title from you. Edge you can come to my locker room right now and leave the title outside the door because I promise you, you won't want to enter the ring with me. I may only have been here for a month or so now but watch the things I have done in that short amount of time and now I will win your title tonight and then go on to challenging for the World Title.

Edge you might want to consider bringing Randy Orton to the ring you will need all the help you can get from different people. I am a 7 ft giant Edge and I, heck I bet I way twice as much as you there is no way in HELL! Edge that you are stronger than me. I will tell you one thing though Edge. You are for sure weaker then me shorter than me and less heavier than me and that will all work to my advantage tonight EDGE SAY YOUR PRAYERS CAUSE KEVIN NASH WILL END YOUR CAREER.


OOC: Don't take none of this stuff I say about you personal it is all about your character not you.