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Kevin Nash


**Kevin Nash is seen with Lena Yeda in an interviewing section of the arena**

Lena-What do you think of Edge, Kevin?

Kevin-First off LENA! I ask the question around here got it.

Lena-But I am the interviewer and your the superstar.

Kevin-First Question; What was it like getting VD?

Lena-What VD I don't have VD?

Kevin-You mean to say you didn't know that Edge has VD?

Lena-WHAT!? Edge has VD I just slept with him.

Kevin-Don't feel bad Lena your not the only one who has done that.

(Crowd erupts with laughter)

Edge you come and call me a dumb mother****** but the one who is the true mother****** is you. You said I would never get a world title shot or a tv title shot or a US title shot. Hello mother****** I am competing for the TV Title tonight which means this is my title shot which means I have a title shot for the TV Title you dumbf*ck. Man I thought you were stupid but now I realize you are just a young little C*nt. I am sorry for the lanuage Lena but Edge is just one big bag of douche in this fed and for me it is time to throw that bag of douche away. EDGE ITS TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH.

Lena-SO you have answered my first question how about my second. Why did you get a title shot in the first place?

Kevin-SECOND QUESTION; Why are you such a tramp and who did you sleep with to get this position?

Lena-I did not sleep with anyone to get this position I applied for it like everyone else now answer my question.

Kevin-Edge, How many women have you slept with and given VD like you have given poor Lena? I know you got it from Lita she has had VD forever but giving it to someone like poor Little Lena Yeda that is wrong.

Edge you claim your better, faster, and stronger. I told you before your not stronger than me. Edge, my knees are not weak and you will not beat me open with a chair because as you swing that chair my boot with go up and kick your face in.

Lena-What do you think of Rated RKO?

Kevin-Rated RKO sucks and will always suck it has two dumbf*cks who like to Buttf*ck at night. Edge you claim you busted Ric Flair open with Randy Orton. Yes you did and for that you will never be forgiven you took out a man who has been a big influence not only to HHH but to me and a lot of people in this business and tonight your career will be ended and Randy Orton your's is next

OOC: good luck to everyone and the best team (Nash and HHH) will win :)