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Kevin Nash

Matt Hardy will lose tonight!

**The Music Blasts through the arena as Kevin Nash walks down the ramp he brushes the hair out of his face as he raises a fist then climbs in the ring where he goes to the ropes and raises a fist in the air the Crowd go wild and cheer for him. He then grabs a mic from a cameraman.**

Kevin-Tonight on Smackdown live here for all of you guys the Big Sexy Kevin Nash goes up against Mr. Extreme's Brother Matt Hardy.

(crowd cheer at mentioning of Matt Hardy.)

Kevin-Not to be an A**hole of anything but what makes you people actually think for a moment that Matt Hardy will actually show up here tonight. Matt hasn't been seen in so long and heck his brother is a screw up he got himself suspended by not doing what he should have done in the Champions of Champions match. I don't think that Matt Hardy will even show up which is not a problem for me at all because it just adds a win to my record a very easy painless tireless win to my record.

Jr.-Tazz, he is right Matt Hardy hasn't been seen around here in a long time will he show up and make a return tonight or will he no show.

Tazz-Lets hope he shows up Jr. because I think that if he does this match could quite possibly steal the show tonight.

Kevin-Matt Hardy the highflyer the one who got his girlfriend stolen by the one man who is the most untalented piece of garbage here on WWE. Edge you are nothing here in the WWE just like Matt Hardy. Matt you and your brother may have revolutionized high flying but tonight I am going to revolutionize the style of powerhouse when I take you a Jacknife you to the mat and get that 1,2,3 on the mat and you lose this match you will realize why you should have continued what your good at and that is staying out of a WWE ring.

Jr.-Wow Tazz seems as if Kevin is being serious here tonight.

Tazz-Jr., I think that Kev is tired of losing matches and having guys show up that he knows he cannot beat. I think that if he faces Matt Hardy tonight he will beat him because he has the height and weight over Hardy.

Jr.-Either way I think that these two will have a good match tonight so long as Matt Hardy actually shows up.

Kevin-Matt Hardy show up or I will find you and make you show up and if I have to beat you up in the parking lot or your locker room it doesn't matter to me anymore I just want to hurt people.

**Kevin drops the mic climbs out of the ring and heads to the backstage area.**


OOC: good luck to you Matt Hardy lets hope you show up.